I am a Metropolis Postdoctoral Fellow at Los Alamos National Laboratory studying astrophysical plasmas using exascale GPU-based resources. My work at Los Alamos is currently focused on developing AthenaPK, an exascale magnetohydrodynamics code, and Parthenon, the adaptive mesh refinement framework that powers AthenaPK. With AthenaPK, I run simulations of astrophysical jets in various scenarios on Frontier, the world’s first exascale supercomputer.

My computational intrests focus on enabling scientific computing on GPUs via the development of performance-portable codes: codes that are capable of high performance on various GPU and CPU architectures.

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  • PhD in Astrophysics and Computational Mathematics, Science and Engineering, 2022

    Michigan State University

  • BSc in Physics and Mathematics with Emphasis in Applied and Computational Mathematics, 2016

    Brigham Young University


Exascale simulations of magnetized AGN jets on Frontier
INCITE 2023 Award to run exascale simulations of magnetized AGN jets in galaxy clusters
AthenaPK and Parthenon
Fully Fledged Performance-Portable Astrophysics Simulations with Adaptive Mesh Refinement
Proof-of-Concept Performance-Portable Uniform Grid Astrophysics Code
Magnetized Turbulence in the Taylor-Green Vortex
Investigating the development of MHD turblence in the absence of driving forces


Metropolis Postdoctoral Fellow
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Sep 2022 – Present Michigan


  • Exascale Simulations of Galaxy Clusters on Frontier
  • Support Performance Portable Astrophysics at LANL
PhD Student
Michigan State University
Aug 2016 – Aug 2022 Michigan


  • Active Galactic Nuclei Feedback Models
  • Magnetic Fields in Galaxy Clusters
  • Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence
  • Performance Portable Exascale Astrophysics Codes


  • Teaching Assistant for Introduction to Astronomy
  • Teaching Assistant for Parallel Computing
Graduate Student Researcher
Sandia National Laboratories
Dec 2018 – Aug 2022 New Mexico


  • Robust schemes for relativistic hydrodynamics
  • IMEX methods for relativistic two-fluid electrodynamics
Undergraduate Student Researcher
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Apr 2015 – Aug 2016 New Mexico


  • Radiation hydrodynamics via ray tracing techniques for meshless hydrodynamics
  • Pop III Star Formation
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Department of Physics, Brigham Young University
Dec 2013 – Apr 2016 Utah


  • Relativistic magnetohydrodynamics on GPUs
Undergraduate Project Assistant
Department of Mathematics, Brigham Young University
Feb 2014 – Apr 2016 Utah


  • Helped write lab manuals on numerical methods