Exascale simulations of magnetized AGN jets on Frontier

Snapshot of entropy in the inner 120 kpc of a galaxy cluster simulation run on Frontier

Myself and a group of collaborators were awarded an INCITE 2023 Award to perform exascale simulations of galaxy clusters with magnetized jets powered by a central active galactic nuclei (AGN). Galaxy clusters, as the largest gravitationally bound structures, provide a unique probe of large scale structure in the universe. The magnetized AGN jets play a key role in the dynamics of baryonic matter in galaxy clusters and thus observational signatures of clusters.

These simulations are enabled by AthenaPK, our exascale capable performance portable astrophysics code. I am currently working on optimizing these AthenaPK simulations on the exascale supercomputer Frontier.

Read MSU’s reporting on the award here.

Forrest Glines
Forrest Glines
Metropolis Postdoctoral Fellow in Exascale Computational Astrophysics

Developing exascale-capable performance-portable astrophysics simulations