Magnetized Turbulence in the Taylor-Green Vortex

Mach number and magnetic pressure from magnetized Taylor-Green simulation

To investigate the development of turbulence in intermittently driven plasmas such as the intracluster medium, we used our newly developed K-Athena code to run a series of simulations of the magnetized Taylor-Green vortex. The turbulence that arises from the unsteady flow of the magnetized Taylor-Green vortex models the turbulence that develops from large scale infrequent events such as galaxy cluster mergers disturbing the intracluster medium. In our paper, we examine the magnitude and the spectra of the kinetic, magnetic, and thermal energy reservoirs within the plasma. Additionally, we apply an energy transfer analysis to study the movement of energy between different length scale and between different reservoirs

Our full setup, explanation, and analysis can be found in Physical Review E.

Forrest Glines
Forrest Glines
Metropolis Postdoctoral Fellow in Exascale Computational Astrophysics

Developing exascale-capable performance-portable astrophysics simulations