AthenaPK and Parthenon

Blast wave with AMR in AthenaPK (CC-BY Philipp Grete)

AthenaPK is an in-development performance-portable conversion of Athena++ build on the Parthenon adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) framework using the Kokkos performance portability library. I am one of the main developers for AthenaPK and a co-developer for Parthenon. The Parthenon framework is designed to be massively scalable and efficient on both CPUs and GPUs, enabling next-generation AMR simulations on a variety of hardware architectures. Kernels and data are managed by Kokkos, which enables high performance on any architecture supported by Kokkos, including CPUs, NVIDIA and AMD GPUs, and future Intel GPUs. AthenaPK uses the robust solvers from Athena++ within the Parthenon framework to enable future exascale astrophysical simulations.

Parthenon is publicly available on github.

AthenaPK is publicly available on gitlab.

Forrest Glines
Forrest Glines
Metropolis Postdoctoral Fellow in Exascale Computational Astrophysics

Developing exascale-capable performance-portable astrophysics simulations